Frequently asked questions

Who can use Kwebo?

If you require tasks or work done you can request services through Kwebo. If you are a business or an individual looking to earn for tasks, Kwebo is also for you.

What is the service fee?

Kwebo charges a fee for using the Kwebo app. This fee is to cover maintenance of Kwebo. This fee is displayed when you receive quotes from Kwebo partners.

What is a Kwebo partner?

Anyone who will work on the Kwebo platform is a partner. Businesses or individuals looking to earn can join.

Is work done through Kwebo insured?

Kwebo Technologies has public liability insurance. Please log a claim with 72 hours of an event to go through the claims process.

When am I charged for the service?

Upon booking for the service Kwebo will reserve hold funds on your credit card. The payment is only processed and deducted on completion of the work done.

Why should I rate the service received?

Kwebo prides itself by enabling the community to provide feedback from service providers to ensure good workers stay on the platform and unsatisfactory providers are removed from the community

When am I charged for the service?

Upon booking for the service Kwebo will reserve hold funds on your credit card. The payment is only processed and deducted on completion of the work done.

How do I receive a refund for bad service?

Log a dispute from the job history in the app. Kwebo will try to assist with dispute resolution and process the refund. View our terms of use.

How does the referral campaign work?

If you use the refer function within the app. You will receive R25 for each successful referral to Kwebo. This is reflected as a balance on your profile to be used against services used on Kwebo. You cannot cash out referral earnings.

When is a cancellation fee charged?

A cancellation fee is charged if you cancel a confirmed booking within 3 hours of your appointment. This is to compensate the service provider for late cancellation. If a service is rescheduled you will not be charged a cancellation fee. The minimum cancellation fee is R50.

What if my service provider tries to contact me outside the Kwebo app?

Kwebo is a platform to protect the customer and service provider by securely managing the payment for work done, along with insurance while the individual is working through the platform. Kwebo cannot assist or be held accountable if you deal with providers outside the platform.

Can I share good service providers I have used with friends?

You may share the service provider details from your favourites menu or from a historical job. Your friend can then book directly as it will add the provider to your favourites.

What if a service provider needs to re-quote after initial assessment of the work to be done on arrival?

The Kwebo partner must re-quote through the platform using the requote option. This is to ensure that the interaction is securely managed in Kwebo. You may then accept or decline the additional work required.

Do I have to request quote from the Kwebo community or can I book directly?

You may search and add a Kwebo partner to your favourites and request a booking directly in the Kwebo app. Or receive a service provider referred from a friend and then request a booking directly in the Kwebo app.

How do I report inappropriate behavior

Please use the report inappropriate behavior link in the app or the contact form below. 

Need further assistance?

For assistance with registration and other common questions, have a chat with Zandile our Chat Bot who can guide and assist you. 

For other queries you can contact the team through the Kwebo Support Page, site support chat or Whatsapp

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