New to the area? Short on time? Not sure if you're getting a good price or what the quality will be like? Ever worried about safety or having to figure out payment? How about just plain tired of dealing with poor service or feeling the burden alone on your shoulders?

Kwebo is there for you. A platform which is simple, seamless and secure. Designed to be your community partner and drive good business behavior for your benefit, with the goal of providing you a safe, fulfilling experience at the end of the day.

Go Kwebo

Intelligent, human centric design

Multi platform capable and designed to get you going with the least amount of thinking needed. Kwebo learns and adapts to the market in your area

Lifestyle lead features

Live your life. Kwebo provides full visibility on your service provider, including arrival reminders and notification (No more guessing if you can step out to the shops)

Community supportive and secure

Verified, community driven supplier base combined with a secure, hassle free payment system. Jobs are carefully tracked and you only pay once you're happy

Innovative approaches

Get your day back, no more searching or phoning around. Kwebo uses a transparent, fair open market mechanism designed to drive the best offering for you

You'll always have a history...

Of when you replaced that geyser, not your relationships

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Are you entering a new market? Constantly suffer from non / delayed payments? Feel like consumers aren't upfront enough to allow you to do your job? Have no true insights into your market or how you're doing in it? Or do just feel like you're being judged on how much you spend on advertising flyers rather than the quality of your skills?

Are you 
“The traveller”, “The go getter”, “New on the street” ?

Kwebo was designed from the ground up with business at it's core to help you. From it's innovative transparent market place allowing everyone to compete on a level playing field through to its enterprise level business intelligence reporting. Best of all these are all free, you only pay a small fee once you experience and benefit from the value they bring you

Whether you're looking to supplement your income, learn about your customers, embarking on a whole new business empire or just a man in a van.
Kwebo's the one for you

Don't just go get anyone. Go Kwebo

Right vendor for the right job

Intelligent service categorization and geo search functionality ensures the right job finds the right person

Navigation & dispatch function

Navigation & dispatch functionality keeps both you and your client informed of the who, where and when 

Secure, convenient payment

Kwebo strives to make payment simple and convenient for the customer... therefore it's simple and convenient for you too, especially using our payment reservation system

Business driven

It's all about good business behavior. Kwebo provides a environment for business. From simple quote and requote functions, start stop job capabilities through to performance monitoring

Innovative approaches

Kwebo uses a transparent, fair open market mechanism and business data that's designed to give the consumer the best options while providing you with a fair, level playing field to compete on

Know your market, know yourself

Kwebo is about data (no not your search history), Kwebo uses its built in business intelligence to help monitor and report how you're doing as well as how you're competing in your market with the ability to analyse and recommend changes to improve yourself.

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