Kwebo is there for you. A platform which is simple, seamless and secure. Designed to be your community partner and drive good business behavior for your benefit, with the goal of providing a safe, fulfilling experience at the end of the day.

The market comprises of a variety of solution “providers”, with varying functionality and no single solution offering confidence. Kwebo provides value not only to consumers but to our business partners as well. The best price from the best provider in a secure, recorded environment. Future proofed solution for the digital age of services.

Kwebo utilises features built towards making the consumer and vendor experience more enriched and valuable, from a transparent open market quote mechanism to offer the best value and exposure to consumers and our vendors through too assistant technologies enabling quick and efficient rendering of services.


Kwebo was designed from the ground up with business at it's core to help support small business in South Africa, with in depth reporting and BI enabling our partners to offer the best service and get a true understanding of their business and the market they compete in, with a goal to driving change in business behavior.

While we’re there for business, we’re also there for the customer, with a mission of providing a happy, effective environment that even the most vulnerable can feel safe and informed in.

Kwebo provides a service offering that inspires and reinforces vendor and consumer confidence, with a enthusiastic business team and experienced development team behind it.

Don’t just do business. Go Kwebo


  • Provide a transparent, competitive platform

  • Create the best value for the customer

  • Create trust between clients and providers

  • Provide a safe, secure environment

  • Give value and insights to our providers

  • Build a platform for formal and informal businesses to interact equally

  • A platform for people to love





Business / Commerce

Kwebo was born June 2018 on a fresh winter evening. A simple spelling mistake brought to life the perfect name for a business focused on invigorating the South African business community. 

At Kwebo we believe in people. People that hustle to make their livelihoods happen and people that need a trusted source for finding and accessing those services.  

We realised that there is a big gap between these two groups. Uniquely skilled people and businesses that want to provide their services and need exposure and a customer base that needs these services. What can bridge that gap in today's modern age? Providing accessibility and trust through an easy-to-use platform. 

We knew that South Africans want to support local, but they often don’t know where to turn to find those businesses. A platform was needed to give that access, but also help customers know these are trusted service offerings. We needed to make sure there was a way for customers to provide honest feedback on service received and help businesses build a profile that shows a proven record of service. People inherently trust people, we just needed a platform that could just help reinforce that. 

Kwebo was built to bridge that gap. Officially launching to the public on 1 September 2020, with a team fiercely passionate about helping South Africa grow a thriving business community. Go Kwebo!